Sustainable global circular economy for neoprene waste

Stop millions of wetsuits ending up in landfill.
Stop 60,000 tonnes of neoprene items going to landfill annually.
Expand circular offer from water sports to all neoprene based products.
Reduce global carbon emissions, contribute to the global net zero carbon goal.

More than just recycling, we are truly circular

Creating new from old. Delivering dramatic reduction of the environmental impact of water sports that involve neoprene, and working with global innovators in this space.


With our retail partners, our skilled design team will create a range of high-quality circular products.


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A reminder that our brilliant partner Simpel’s new wetsuits are live and available for delivery from their website.Their wetsuits prioritise warmth, comfort and durability, while also using Yamamoto neoprene, which has a longer lifespan than traditional neoprene and is able to be recycled. This also makes for a wetsuit that's light and flexible.You can discover more about our wetsuit recycling partnership with Simpel on our website ♻️
Watch the video to see how Circular Flow and its partners are revolutionising neoprene waste management...
We’re delighted to be launching a wetsuit recycling programme with Snawve!Sustainability is at the forefront of everything Snawve is about, starting with their use of a natural, regenerative alternative to traditional petrol and mined limestone wetsuits: this partnership is a perfect fit as we help make their offering 100% circular.You can help us dramatically reduce pollution, waste, and landfill, simply by returning your old wetsuits to Snawve. Here’s how to do it:1. Order a recycling label 2. Pack and send your old wetsuit 3. Wetsuit is recycled 4. Stop wetsuits going to landfill!Read more about our exciting new partnership and the returns process on our website:
We’re always interested in alternatives to single-use neoprene – and ways of making the water sports industry more sustainable and circular.So this is great news from Finisterre, one of our fantastic partners. Their launch of the world's first Yulex wetsuit rental programme hopes to make this environmentally and socially responsible alternative to neoprene more accessible and affordable.Check out Finisterre’s website for their full range of Yulex swimsuits and wetsuits available for rental.
We’re now partnering with Tiki Surf, who are offering free wetsuit recycling! We’re delighted that they’re part of the journey to create a more sustainable future.If you’d like to recycle your old wetsuits with Tiki (it doesn’t have to be one of theirs!), you’re also eligible to get 10% off a Tiki wetsuit for a limited time only.Further instructions from Tiki are below – join us to help reduce pollution and landfill, and support the global circular economy for neoprene waste.Option 1: Drop into a Tiki store and give your wetsuit to one of the store staff!Option 2: Send your wetsuit in the post: Tiki Surf, Caen St, Braunton EX33 1AABe sure to email to let them know you’ll be sending your wetsuit! They can then confirm when it arrives and will send you your own Tiki Wetsuit discount code.Don’t forget to put a note in with your wetsuit so they know your suit is to be recycled ♻️