Sustainable global circular economy for neoprene waste

Stop millions of wetsuits ending up in landfill.
Stop 60,000 tonnes of neoprene items going to landfill annually.
Expand circular offer from water sports to all neoprene based products.
Reduce global carbon emissions, contribute to the global net zero carbon goal.

Our Partners

More than just recycling, we are truly circular

Creating new from old. Delivering dramatic reduction of the environmental impact of water sports that involve neoprene, and working with global innovators in this space.


With our retail partners, our skilled design team will create a range of high-quality circular products.


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Circular Flow are delighted to be at the Youth World Sailing Championships at Lake Garda! We’re collecting all end of life wetsuits, and anything neoprene, and recycling them into brand new products.If you’ve recycled your old wetsuits with us at the championship, we’d love to say thank you: we’ve teamed up with Stream2Sea to offer you 40% off their products! Stream2Sea’s sustainable sunscreens, mask defog, body wash, and haircare contain zero ingredients known or suspected to harm the planet, and are the only products in the world tested and proven safe for fish, and coral larvae. They are also safe for your body, easy to use, and are perfect for everyday use or more rigorous activities or sports. Scan the QR code on the post to redeem your discount. We’re already off to a great start with the amount of neoprene we’ve received, and are looking forward to getting our hands on even more as the week continues!
We wanted to highlight the inventive and important work of Mahulu, one of our excellent partners.    Thanks to pollution, warmer waters, and coral bleaching to name only a few urgent problems, looking after our oceans is more important than ever. Mahulu knows that every choice we make, including what we wear, can have an impact on the marine ecosystem, making their eco-conscious wetsuits a vital innovation.   Why are their suits important? The big one is that they’re not made from neoprene, but eco-foam: a combination of extracted calcium carbonate from recycled oyster shells from the food industry, natural rubber, and sugarcane. This blend of recycled materials means a much-reduced carbon footprint, and minimal waste during the manufacturing process.   The calcium carbonate is the base of the foam, ensuring warmth, flexibility, and durability, equal if not superior to neoprene wetsuits: eco-foam is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of saltwater, UV exposure, and abrasion, ensuring a longer lifespan compared to traditional neoprene. And unlike neoprene, eco-foam wetsuits do not sag over time; its resilience is good news for the environment and for your wallet. Plus, by purchasing a Mahulu wetsuit, you help support ocean conservation: Mahulu gives 2% of sales to the NGO Living Reefs to rebuild coral reef systems.    We know that ensuring wetsuits are as sustainable as possible extends beyond manufacture and use - the process must be 100% closed loop. This is where Circular Flow comes in. With our take back scheme, Mahulu will accept any of your old wetsuits and send them to us. We’ll then turn them into new products that can be recycled and reused again and again - all with zero waste and zero non-renewable energy. A match made in heaven!
We’ve joined forces with Revivack to help you recycle your old wetsuits into brand new neoprene products!Revivack allows you to return items, such as your old phone, when they become end-of-life, so that they can be recovered properly and transparently. Their in-house technology allows them to code each product, facilitate the return, find partners and trace the journey.Their vital work supports the circular economy, which is also the core of what we do - so working with them is a no-brainer!You can learn more about the change-making work Revivack does on their website ♻️
Bodyline Wetsuits offers cost-effective wetsuit repairs. They pride themselves on the highest quality of workmanship and 5 star customer service - no wonder they work directly with the world’s leading wetsuit brands.Their strong reputation and efficient repair service is renowned within the surfing industry, so we are very pleased to be partnering with them to recycle more wetsuits!Through their expert repairs, Bodyline is actively committed to extending the life of your wetsuit - a mission that we can certainly get behind in our own fight to reduce neoprene waste ♻️
Blu Smooth specialise in custom-designed, high-performance open water swimming wetsuits tailored to the needs of each individual for unparalleled buoyancy, flexibility, and comfort. We are delighted to be partnering with them in our efforts to create a global and sustainable circular economy for neoprene waste. You can now recycle your old wetsuit with Blu Smooth! It doesn’t matter what brand it is - just visit their website and follow the instructions to send it for recycling, and Blu Smooth will offer you 15% off any of their wetsuits for your effort. Thank you for supporting an effective and sustainable solution to the problem of wetsuit disposal!