State of Escape collaborates with Circular Flow to create recycled neoprene bags.

Embarking on the journey that looks to a better tomorrow. State of Escape continues to explore avenues that sets up our brand and planet for a more sustainable future.

With this goal in mind, we are excited to announce State of Escape’s partnership with us. We are committed to ethical and sustainable manufacturing in recycling neoprene, using technology to recycle neoprene into alternative new products.

Since the brand’s inception, Brigitte and Desley have manufactured all their bags in Australia with the same dedicated team of craftspeople. Their ethos is of quality and craft, making timeless designs that last, with minimal waste. As the collections are carefully considered, each bag is made to order in limited quantities.

Pragmatic in nature, neoprene as a material is long-lasting, which in turn helps minimise over-consumption. However, State of Escape are constantly searching for more sustainable and ultimately circular solutions for their products.

To achieve full circularity, State of Escape will be working with us to explore the creation of beautiful, high-quality bags from neoprene off-cuts that can be recycled and reused. The brand will also be exploring options for recycling State of Escape’s existing products at the end of their lifecycle.

Our development team will work closely with State of Escape to develop and produce these recycled neoprene bags, with the first stage of work running from August until October 2022; we hope to have prototypes to review shortly after and aim to launch Autumn/Winter 2023.

Discover more of the our process here.