Blu Smooth
and Circular Flow


Blu Smooth has proudly partnered with Circular Flow to support their efforts in creating a global and sustainable circular economy for neoprene waste. Wetsuits are an underestimated source of pollution. Circular Flow calculate that globally, an estimated 8,380 tonnes of wetsuits move to end of life a year. Sadly most of these end up in landfills.

With an increasing number of people practising various water sports and a lack of neoprene recycling options worldwide, the problem is growing. With its closed-loop recycling scheme, Circular Flow breathes new life into discarded wetsuits by repurposing them into innovative new products. Helping reduce our collective environmental impact.

So, don’t throw your old wetsuit away. Recycle it with us and support finding an effective and sustainable solution to the problem of wetsuit disposal.

We’ll accept any brand and offer you 15% off any Blu Smooth wetsuit for your effort.

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