The upcycling movement for the outdoor industry

Dirtbags began in 2017 with founders Jen and James’s reluctance to throw away end of life climbing kit, and a sewing machine found in a skip. They have since worked hard to recycle old outdoor and climbing gear to save it from landfill.

They aim to educate and inform those who want to do their bit by upcycling, repurposing and recycling. They collect old climbing gear, outdoor textiles and just about anything that comes their way to give it all a brand spanking new life. Dirtbags don’t mass produce, but rather design and make everything themselves.

The way Dirtbags’ products are made reflect their love for the outdoors, and hopefully encourage us all to reduce, reuse and recycle. Their products include a range of bags, including duffles, day packs and cross bodies, as well as climbing gear and blankets.

Circular Flow are thrilled to have teamed up with Dirtbags to recycle your old wetsuit – every component of it, including zips. Donate your old suits to Dirtbags, who will sort and send them to us. We will then give new life to your old suits by turning them into new neoprene products that can be recycled again and again, between five and seven times.

Visit the Dirtbags website to find out how to donate today.