Mahulu x Circular Flow

We are delighted to have partnered with Mahulu as part of our wetsuit takeback scheme. Mahulu are completely aligned with the Circular Flow mission to make the wetsuit industry more sustainable: their ecofoam neoprene-free wetsuits are made from seafood industry byproducts that otherwise would have gone to landfill, which helps reduce waste and their carbon footprint. All materials used in the manufacturing of their wetsuits are also biodegradable and recyclable.

And now customers can return their old neoprene or biofoam wetsuit to Mahulu’s North American returns processing site in Waitsfield, Vermont. For each wetsuit received, the sender will be emailed a unique 15% off coupon which will go towards their next purchase on the Mahulu website.

The sender simply needs to email a picture of their mailing receipt to [email protected] and enclose their email address with the wetsuit so that Mahulu can match the suit with the picture. The coupon will then be sent to the customer’s email address. Mahulu will also provide an online form that customers can fill out, print and enclose with the used wetsuit, coming March 2024.

For retail returns, retailers can collect wetsuits from their customers and offer discounts as they deem appropriate. Then retailers can send wetsuits to the Mahulu collection point at their cost. For each one sent to Mahulu, they get 5% off their next order on a per suit basis. So if a retailer mails Mahulu 10 wetsuits, they receive 5% off the next 10 suits they order to restock. Mahulu will match thicknesses if practical; otherwise the 5% applies to the cost of a 3/2 suit

Every wetsuit that is sent back to Mahulu will make a real difference: protecting the oceans we love, reducing waste, and decreasing harmful pollution from incineration.