MANERA and Circular Flow partner to help you recycle your end-of-life and unwanted neoprene

Recycling of redundant wet suits and other neoprene items

MANERA is a French family business specialized in developing high-quality watersports gear. With everything the company produces, including wetsuits and neoprene accessories, the company aims to produce innovative, durable, and comfortable gear that will allow all riders to enjoy their time on the water in any weather.

To slide across the surface of a wave, leaving only a wake behind are unmatched feelings. However, the traditional methods of producing the gear all riders need can be more impactful on the planet than the way they use it. Consequently, MANERA has gradually implemented the necessary steps to offer an increasingly sustainable product with each collection, without sacrificing quality or performance.

MANERA is now thrilled to take the next step and team up with Circular Flow to help riders recycle their wetsuits, and create new neoprene products from neoprene waste: a first in the industry.

How to be part of this ground-breaking programme?

MANERA invites you to drop off your end-of-life or redundant wetsuits from any brand, as well as any other neoprene item, at one of the shops listed below. As long as it’s dry and clean, MANERA will take care of the rest and send it to Circular Flow so it can be recycled and given a new life.

At this time, it is complicated to make wetsuits from wetsuits as recycled neoprene loses its stretch. However, we will manufacture actual MANERA goods that do not require that: Car seat covers, changing mats, vests, caps…

Drop off your wetsuit or any other neoprene items at any of these shops during their opening hours:

OSS 56 –

Surfone –

Side shore –

MF Kite –

Ride All –

Glissattitude –

Vague et Vent –

Stay tuned as MANERA may announce additional drop-off locations on its Instagram @manerawatermen and website.



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For any general enquiries or you would welcome a  free pickup outside of the schedule do just email on [email protected] and you should receive an answer within 24 hours Monday to Friday.