Marine Conservation Cambodia
and Circular Flow

We are thrilled to welcome Marine Conservation Cambodia as Circular Flow’s newest partner in our wetsuit take back scheme. They are sending us wetsuits that have reached the end of their useful life for us to recycle, rather than allowing them to go to landfill or incineration.

Marine Conservation Cambodia's Active Role in Ocean Protection

MCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of marine ecosystems in Cambodia. MCC focuses on artificial coral reefs, which involve the creation of man-made structures serving as habitats for marine life. These reefs aid in the restoration of damaged or degraded marine habitats like bivalve beds and seagrass meadows, providing a new home for diverse species of fish and other marine organisms.

The organisation is also engaged in a marine mammal project aimed at studying and protecting the diverse species of marine mammals found in Cambodian waters. Additionally, MCC promotes sustainable fishing practices and livelihoods by collaborating with local communities to advocate responsible fishing methods. These methods aim to minimize negative impacts on marine ecosystems while supporting the economic well-being of fishermen and their families through alternative income sources. Through environmental education initiatives, MCC raises awareness about the importance of marine conservation and empowers local communities to actively participate in protecting their marine environment. Overall, MCC’s comprehensive approach addresses both ecological and socioeconomic aspects of marine conservation in Cambodia.