Neoprene Range

Creating new neoprene products from neoprene waste

The properties of our recycled neoprene are not the same as the virgin neoprene used for premium wetsuits or accessories, so we are not aiming to produce new wetsuits from the recycled old ones.

High-performance products represent only part of the market for neoprene products. From Runawave’s own extensive experience as a professional manufacturer of a wide range of items made of neoprene, we can use this new material for more than 70% of all products we currently manufacture without compromising their quality, functionality, or durability.

The accessories produced would be straightforward performance socks, gloves, etc. with less stretch and insulation properties in comparison to virgin neoprene, but still offering protection and comfort.

Runawave is our product design partner for core neoprene products. They have over 50 years of experience working with neoprene, designing, and creating as an OEM for major brands across the world. They are experts and collaborative in their approach. This makes them the perfect partner for creating new from old.

Runawave designers will design all new neoprene items in collaboration with brand partners and will ensure we meet your brand’s standards while delivering this major step forward in carbon reduction and damage to the environment, through the prevention of waste neoprene going to landfill and incineration.