Our Story

We had to find a solution to stop such outrageous levels of neoprene waste

Our founder Georgi Marinov operates his own wetsuit and neoprene manufacturing company, Runawave Sport

As a business owner with a clear commitment to ethical and sustainable manufacturing, he wanted to find a way not just to make wetsuits and neoprene products with more efficient and eco-friendly materials, but also find a way to provide a solution for their recycling, and then to recycle them again and again and again…

Over the past six years, he has invested his time and significant capital in finding the ‘holy grail’ of an effective and sustainable solution to the problem of disposing of wetsuits and other neoprene products.

To find the solution he has been partnering with the leading materials research center in Bulgaria.

The University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, and secured funding for the solution from the Innovation Norway fund.

We are now ready to take the Runawave recycling and circular neoprene solution to market.

Initially launching in the EU with Finisterre as our lead partner, we will then extend the service to all major retailers, brands and businesses involved in watersports across the world.