PADI® and Circular Flow partner to help your dive centre recycle unwanted neoprene

Free collection offer of redundant wet suits and other neoprene items

One of the most significant ways we can honour our legacy and give back to current and future generations is to do our part to operate the PADI® organization responsibly, support a sustainable dive industry and protect the ocean on which all life depends. With that in mind, PADI® is delighted to be partnering with Circular Flow to offer our UK Dive Centres the chance to recycle unwanted wetsuits and other neoprene products.

It has been calculated that, globally, an estimated 8,380 tonnes of old wetsuits lie unused every year, with the majority probably headed for landfill. The huge growth in the popularity of water sports, coupled with the lack of sustainable collection and recycling systems for this type of product means that this issue is more serious than ever. Finding an effective and sustainable solution to the problem of disposing of wetsuits and other neoprene products has become one of the core goals of Circular Flow.

How to be part of this ground-breaking programme?

Circular Flow’s launch will give 50 UK-based Dive Centres the opportunity to register for a free collection of redundant wet suits and other neoprene items. The collection will be arranged from 11th August 2022. The collection company will be DHL and you will be provided with a link to book the free collection online. There will be a helpline and email address to contact if any problems with booking the free collection.

We’ll take any product, from any brand, in any condition (as long as it’s clean and dry) and get it back to Circular Flow so that it can be returned, recycled and retailed as new products. The even better news is that these recycled items can be then returned at the end of their life and recycled again and again!

Please note that at time of writing slots were filling up fast! 25 slots have been confirmed, leaving 25 to be taken. This will be the only chance to sign up to this programme in 2022 – new slots to be announced in Spring 2023. Any who miss out will be added to the next collection round in quarter one 2023.

REGISTER NOW by email to with your dive centre number, and download the DHL PDF Instructions here.

We will then send you the account number to book your free collection.

Or by completing a simple online registration form here.. We will then send you the DHL instructions and the account number to book your free collection

Then one of the circular flow team will be in touch to confirm your registration, and will be able to confirm any further details or answer any questions you may have.