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World Circular Textiles Day falls every year on 8th October. In the organisers’ own words, the event was created to ‘celebrate the efforts of a growing community of companies, organisations and individuals actively working towards a circular textiles future’, with full circularity aiming to be achieved by 2050. 

At Circular Flow, our recognition of this goal’s importance is in our name. We are working hard to make our own contribution to the movement: when 8,000 tons of neoprene – approximately one million wetsuits – go to landfill each year, it is imperative that we recycle neoprene so that it can be reused several times, instead of simply being dumped and burned. 

 To achieve full neoprene circularity, we are using ground-breaking neoprene recycling technology, working with major wetsuit retailers such as Wetsuit Outlet and Finisterre, and creating ranges of recycled neoprene products, including beanies, beach socks, swim caps, bags, and yoga mats, with smaller independent brands. We must work together to ensure that waste and pollution are reduced, and find sustainable, cleaner ways to swim, dive and surf in the oceans we love.


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