Join us in making a difference


As part of our partnership with CircularFlow, we invite you to do your bit and avoid your product ending up in landfill. Fill out the form, send us your tired old wetsuit and we’ll take care of the rest.

As a token of our appreciation for your contribution, we’ll gift you a £10 voucher to spend in our store.

Together, we can make an impact and contribute to a circular future. We’re excited about our partnership with CircularFlow, and together, we’ll continue to make strides towards a more responsible future.


Driving a circular economy

CircularFlow is at the forefront of driving transformative solutions to support a circular economy. Their mission goes beyond talk; they actively redefine how resources are utilised and how waste is managed. This vision aligns perfectly with our own ethos of promoting more responsible practices.

Packaging and recycling

CircularFlow’s have an innovative approach to sustainable packaging solutions and comprehensive recycling programs. They’re not just thinking about products; they’re revolutionising the entire lifecycle, from production to disposal. This is a critical step toward responsible consumption and the minimisation of waste.

Repurposing materials

Through collaborations with various stakeholders, CircularFlow creates closed-loop systems that breathe new life into materials, repurposing them into innovative products. This not only reduces our collective environmental impact but also promotes economic resilience by fostering local industries.

A revolutionary beacon of hope

In a time when environmental responsibility is of utmost importance, CircularFlow emerges as a guiding light. Their dedication to transforming consumption patterns aligns with our vision for a more responsible and prosperous future.