Surf and Clean working
to Recycle your old Wetsuit


SURF AND CLEAN is a non profit based in Spain, created and supported by surfers and people in love with the ocean. With all the actions and projects that we develop and perform we seek to protect the oceans, by creating agents of change and making people aware that we should surf and live clean, just like the rest of the living things on the planet do.

People who ride waves can develop a deep personal relationship with the sea, that can eventually change their lifes. We need to express it through our daily live actions, starting with the way we surf. How do we get to the beach? What kind of surfboard, bodyboard or any other surfing gear we use? Wax, solar protection, pads, fins…and of course neoprene: wetsuits, vests, boots, hoods or gloves.

We developed a subject to inspire surfing coaches about their potential and how they could use it, we called it “Eco-surfing”. Since 2016 it is included in all the courses organized by the Spanish Surfing Federation, and some regional surfing federations around Spain such as Galicia, Asturias, Murcia, Catalunya or Canary Islands. Thanks to them SURF AND CLEAN has reached to more than 2.000 surfing coaches that shall spread the message by giving example (and enhanced surfing classes) to the young generations.

An educational surf-based program has also been running for the last 4 years in several areas of Spain. Its name is “Learn through surfing” and we designed it in partnership with the Spanish Surfing Federation. It’s goal is to introduce surfing and its culture at schools and high-schools, and include it within teaching hours. We transmit therapeutic surfing, inclusive surfing, egalitarian and ecological surfing. Also forecasting and environmental knowledge, and lifegarding concepts such as safety and prevention. It is aimed to young students of any age and has reached 4.000 people last year thanks to our collaboration with more than 20 surfing schools.

SURF AND CLEAN is proud and happy to team up with CIRCULAR FLOW and excited to help all this young surfers, surfing coaches and surfing schools to recycle their wetsuits, and create new neoprene products from a valuable material that should never become waste.

Tired to be a part of the problem? Take action and become a part of the solution…

SURF AND CLEAN invites you to be a part of the solution. During next months we will work to create a net of shops and surfing schools where we could drop off our end-of-life or redundant wetsuits from any brand, as well as any other neoprene item.

Please sign up to circularflow news letter or drop us a email to register interest and when we have our first collection points in Spain we will let you know. Or if you want to be a collection point do get us in touch and lets do this together

*Header image: Watercolors/Acuarelas by Catalina Rodriguez Villazón.
*Second image: Comic style ilustrations belong to Juan Martínez Alarcón / Carlos Ríos.