Inspiring a long life of adventure through remodelling the life cycle of neoprene with the partnership of TYF and Circular Flow

Globally, an estimated 8,380 tonnes of old wetsuits end up in landfill each year which were almost impossible to recycle.

TYF are a founding UK B Corp and adventure pioneers who help customers and community push the boundaries of sustainability and nature connection. Since introducing the world to coasteering in 1986, they’ve helped over 200,000 people build skills, nature connection and confidence as they explore the world’s most powerful classrooms on the wild coastline of Pembrokeshire.

TYF’s mission is to help people fall so deeply in love with nature and practical action that they build an unshakeable ability to make the difference that matters. Taking thousands of people into nature is a vitally important thing to do, but it comes at a cost. TYF and every other adventure providers struggle to reconcile the learning they give clients with the damage caused by the  manufacture and disposal of the oil-based plastics, rubber and plastic used to make the equipment that their customers use.

Every business needs to rethink the relationship between the materials and products they use and the well-being of the ecosystems that support them. Adventure businesses like TYF who help customers connect to nature are perfectly placed to help them protect the playground they know and love. TYF repair damaged wetsuits and outdoor equipment at their Planetary Repair Centre extending the lifespan of products. But using any equipment around sharp rocks and barnacles is a tall order for durability and eventually, all wetsuits come to the end of their life and need to be recycled rather than ‘binned’.

Research by outdoor clothing company Finisterre showed that
Globally, an estimated 8,380 tonnes of old wetsuits end up in landfill each year. Due to their complex material structure they have been almost impossible to recycle, until now  that could have found another use in life. A new partnership between neoprene recycling specialists Circular Flow and TYF is creating a valuable next step to closing the loop within the neoprene industry. Both partners are excited to join their mission and work together to reduce the staggering number of wetsuits that end up in landfill.


How to be part of this ground-breaking programme?

With the launch of Circular Flow  and TYF Adventure’s partnership, coasteering folk, surfers, divers and kayakers can drop off their old redundant wetsuits and other neoprene accessories at the TYF store in St. Davids. Any neoprene product, from any brand, in any condition (dry and clean please) can be recycled by Circular Flow and given a new life. The good news is that when the products reach their end of life they can be recycled again and again; the bad news is that whilst neoprene can be recycled it loses its stretch so that whilst we can’t make wetsuits from wetsuits just yet there are hundreds of other ways that the material can be used.

TYF welcomes you to drop off your wetsuits at the following address TYF Shop, 1, St. Davids, Pembrokeshire SA626SA. We ask you to drop off your old neoprene gear from the 17th or August until the 31st of October. We will announce future drop-off windows on our Instagram @tyfadventure and via our community newsletter


REGISTER NOW by email to [email protected] or by completing a simple online registration form here.

Then one of the circular flow team will be in touch to confirm your registration, and will be able to confirm any further details or answer any questions you may have.