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An image showing neoprene being stitched

Numerous publications have reported on Finisterre’s Wetsuits from Wetsuits take-back scheme, and the closed-loop neoprene recycling process from Circular Flow that is helping to make it happen.

It is heartening to see the variety of publications that have featured our story on their platforms: sports and outdoor pursuits outlets, sustainability platforms, as well as fashion industry and textiles publications. The full list is below. 

This diverse collection suggests the promisingly broad impact of our programme and is an exciting step towards generating more interest in what we do. It is also encouraging that our mission is connecting with like-minded publications that care about our planet and the harm that neoprene inflicts on it: in the words of Futurevvorld, ‘it’s ironic and ultimately frustrating that so much of the gear we need to explore and take on the outdoors is made from materials that are damaging to our planet’.  

We hope that, as word continues to spread, the number of wetsuits we receive in Finisterre stores will keep increasing, and therefore the amount of neoprene recycled, remade, and retailed again.

If you would like to return your old wetsuits, please get in touch at We look forward to hearing from you!

In the press:




Drapers Online

Fashion United

505 FM


Sports Textiles

Yarns & Fibers

Outdoor Pursuits:

Outdoor Swimmer

screen cap of print article featuring neoprene take back scheme

screenshot of neoprene take back article in Outdoor Swimmer

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